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Guide to the Research Process: 2b. Find Books

This guide provides an introduction to the skills needed to conduct research.

Characteristics of Books

Books are available in both print and electronic formats. They:

  • are usually authoritative sources of information
  • may provide thorough coverage of a subject
  • may contain references and bibliographies
  • may be written by one author or be edited works with contributions by different authors

Search the Library Catalog

You can search for books held by Union Presbyterian Libraries in both print and electronic formats.

Morton Library Electronic Catalog

Tutorial on How to Use Catalog

Use this helpful tutorial to find better ways to utilize the electronic catalog.  There are several tutoral topics that you can explore on this page.  Here are a couple of examples:

Catalog Search Techniques

Find Charlotte Campus Books Only

Request a book from Morton Library  

E-Books (Subscribed)

You can find a growing number of ebooks in the Union Presbyterian Libraries Collection.  This link takes you to the catalog page.  Change the dropdown menu in Collection to Search (located under where you would enter a book title) from "Entire Collection" to "E-Books." 


eBooks (Free)

In addition to the e-books to which the Union Presbyterian Libraries subscribe, there are millions of free ebooks available on the Internet. Some of the reputable sites that you can consult are located below.  These tend not to have many books in religion or theology but they do have ebooks in many other areas that may be useful to a certain type of research project.