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Katie Geneva Cannon Research Collection

Research Materials

Dr. Cannon always provided a bibliography, originally developed from a variety of sources*, for her classes so that they could read and continue to learn even after they finished her classes. These pages have some of the curated titles she provided. We are also updating the list and adding to it, thanks to the 2019 gift from our graduating students.


*Among these sources, several names appeared prevalently in the notes of the bibliography. We assume that those mentioned here contributed to the original list that Dr. Cannon provided:

Dr. Cannon's note on her "Black Bibliography for Progressives"


In the "Black Study, Black Struggle" forum, Robin D. G. Kelley advocates for a rebirth of grassroots political education. A forum contributor, Derecka Purnell, informed us that same groups of student-activists are already doing exactly that. At Harvard Law School, a group called Reclaim Harvard Law has already occupied on the school's lounges and it holding weekly political education sessions there, Purnell shared with us her list of the texts that have been circulating in the group. It reveals an investment in liberation from not only racial oppression, but from all forms of oppression, including sexual and financial. This is informed by a commitment to "intersectionality," Kimberlé Crenshaw's insight that various forms of oppression are entangled and amplify one another, and thus must be fought in concert.