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Guide to Chicago/Turabian Style for Seminarians

This libguide was created to help students at Union Presbyterian Seminary learn how to format papers and properly cite sources in Chicago style, which is typically the style preferred in fields related to religious studies.

Chicago/Turabian Style -- Notes/Bibliography system

Every academic discipline has its preferences for how to format papers and publications. Scholars in fields related to religious studies -- and thus, most (if not all) of your seminary professors -- prefer Chicago/Turabian style. If you are more familiar with another style, such as MLA or APA, this guide will help you map out your papers and cite your sources in proper Chicago style.

Useful Resources for More Information

Citing Our Own Sources

Thanks to the following pages' creators for sharing helpful information and resources used in this libguide:

Davidson College Library

Library of Congress

Thomas Nelson Community College Library

Trinity College (Hartford, CT) Library