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Finding and Using eBooks

This guide highlights Union Presbyterian Seminary Library eBook collections as well as offering discovery and access instruction.

eBooks Overview

Union Presbyterian Seminary Library has been acquiring eBooks from a variety of academic publishers for several years. The eBooks reside on several vendor platforms. Since each eBook vendor is different, please visit the eBook platform guide as listed in the menu for more specific information regarding viewing, printing, copying and downloading instructions.


Accessing eBooks

eBooks and the eBook platforms are accessible on & off campus. Off-campus access requires login using your library barcode number and PIN and for some eBook platforms these credentials may be required on-campus as well. If it is your first time accessing an eBook from off campus, you may find these eBook access instructions useful.

If an eBook is already in use, please allow approximately one hour before trying to access it again.

If you have difficulty logging-in, please contact Ryan Douthat (804) 278-4217 or email