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Finding and Using eBooks

This guide highlights Union Presbyterian Seminary Library eBook collections as well as offering discovery and access instruction.

Brill E-books Overview


Brill eBooks may be read on any browser by one user at a time. To read online, use the Download PDF button under the Full Access options, below and right from the title. You can also just read individual chapters by selecting them from the Contents tab below the book information. If the title you're interested in is already in use, allow approximately one hour before accessing it again.

Brill eBook Platform Access Options

Tools and searching

If you are looking for a particular keyword or subject in an eBook use the search box labeled "Search within Book..." located to the right of the book information and content. You can also find and download citation information, email an eBook link and find information on sharing an eBook in the blue Tools ribbon located between the eBook Contents and Information section. To utilize the save tool you will need to create your own Brill account.


The entire book can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button as illustrated in the Viewing section above.


You can print the PDF of an eBook by first downloading the PDF then clicking the printer icon in your Adobe Reader or pressing Ctrl-P.

Highlighting and annotating

This can be done using comments on your saved PDFs in the Adobe Reader.

Help with Brill E-Books

Online Help

Help and FAQ

Additional Assistance

Contact Ryan Douthat (804) 278-4217 or