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Biblical Studies -- Old Testament: Home

Guides for courses that relate to the Old and New Testaments. Also, general information that will aid in the understanding and reflection of the Bible.

Research Guides for OT, NT, and Psalms

The OT and NT Guides were developed for students taking Bible classes and in particular for those working on Exegesis papers or exams. Each testament has recommended academic/library resources that should be considered when working on an exegesis paper. Please notice that some of the resources are print and some are electronic. IN order to use electronic resources when off campus, the student will need to use your library number and PIN.

Also, the OT and NT Research Guides help explain the different perspectives (biases) of Commentaries. The commentaries listed are not exhaustive but are to give examples of appropriate commentaries for academic work. When consulting commentaries, it is important to consider commentaries from the Diverse Perspective section in order to broaden one's worldview of the text.

The Psalm tab was developed for a Psalm class.

Reference Librarian

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Mengistu Lemma
Mengistu Lemma, PhD
Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian
William Smith Morton Library/
Union Presbyterian Seminary
3401 Brook Rd, Richmond VA 23227
(804) 278-4333

Seminary Librarian

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Robin McCall
Dr. Robin C. McCall
Seminary Librarian
William Smith Morton Library at Union Presbyterian Seminary
3401 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23227
(804) 278-4311