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Guide to the Research Process: Step 2: Locate Information

This guide provides an introduction to the skills needed to conduct research.


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Steps to Locating Information

Theological research involves using a variety of sources including:

  • reference works;
  • books;
  • videos;
  • online databases;
  • websites
  • dissertations and theses; (on rare occasions)
  • conference papers and proceedings; (on rare occasions)


Types of Sources

Before starting your research, it's important to understand the types of information sources available. This video provides a broad overview of the information you can find in sources such as books, encyclopedias, almanacs, periodicals, electronic resources, and more.  Typically, in the M. Div. and M.A.C.E. programs, reference books, books in the stacks, and online databases are the primary sources of information. 

The video has been posted with permission from Bob Baker, Library Director, Pima Community College.

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