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In the Instructional Resource Center


Welcome to the IRC's Online Curriculum page. We are gathering together links of different church curricula. They will be organized in the same categories as the print collection. Please bear with us as we add to this collection slowly!


Please remember that all IRC curricular resources are provided for *evaluation only!* Using them as actual teaching tools without *you* obtaining the publisher's permission first, is a violation of our vendor agreements.  Doing this is theft of the publisher/author's intellectual property.  **GET PERMISSION FIRST!**

Multi-topic Video Curricula
Streaming Curriculum Collections

These collections are the same used by congregations, and contain all of the publisher's media content that they make available.

The Digital Collection of Licensed Online Curriculum


Multi-Topic (aka Integrated)

We have a couple more resources that you can view, as well. However, you must be invited to view them. Please email Dora for access.

  • Dwell
  • Sparkhouse Digital
You will need your library barcode and PIN to access most of these materials!

The Gospel According to the Simpsons
Print Resources -- Leader's Guide  -- Student's Book
Audiobook guide (Student's Book)
Video -- in the Library -- Online


The Gospel According to the Simpsons: Bigger and Possibly Even Better Edition
Print Leader's Guide -- Print Student's Book
E-Book Student's Book (coming soon)
Video -- in the Library -- Online