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Basic Equipment:


  • Condenser
  • Dynamic

Microphone Accessories (optional, but very helpful!)

Headphones or Earbuds

Mixer (optional, but very helpful, especially if you are using multiple microphones!)


Basic Content Tips
  • Keep it short -- People's attention spans waiver.
  • Keep it focused and on topic.
  • Have a script, unless you are interviewing.
  • Consider providing a transcript for the search engines to find.
  • Let your passion shine through.
  • Smile when you talk -- it literally comes through your speech.
The Interview

A good podcaster's interview follows the same principles as a good journalist's interview.

  1. Preparation

  2. Building rapport

  3. Asking relevant questions to draw out your source

  4. Listen to their answers and remember that you are first and foremost in a conversation!

Practice your interviewing skills a bit before conducting your first major interview. Then, research your guests -- their interests, specialties, etc. Develop a few questions that you want to learn from them, but don't worry about staying "on script." Let the conversation develop. Unless you are podcasting live, don't worry about time -- you can edit it once the interview is finished. Get the story first. You can always cut it, but it is sometimes hard to go back and get another interview!

Some good sites online to help:



Keeping It Legal

Much of the content that you find on the internet belongs to someone else. Not only is copying it morally wrong, but it can land you in legal trouble as well. Therefore, follow some basic rules.

  1. Look for the license-holder and ask permission (but you may need to pay a royalty)
  2. Always give attribution when you quote
  3. Link back to the original work whenever possible (don't just copy)
  4. Basically, "Do Unto Others" is a good rule of thumb -- would you want someone using YOUR content without permission, without credit, and maybe changing your intended message?

Some useful sites:


When we teach this class, it is helpful to use a single software editor, but there are many out there. Some are free, but most have a "pro" version that gives you more flexibility.

We use (and teach) the free version of:

but you can also use:

  • Adobe Audition
  • Hindenburg Journalist
  • Garageband (Apple only)
  • Logic Pro (Apple only)