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In the Instructional Resource Center

Citation and Plagiarism

Creating Citations  (conducted by Dora Rowe and Robin McCall)
An in-depth look at the parts of a citation and how to format them from scratch. In general, the focus will be on Turabian’s variation of the Chicago Manual of Style with SBL notation, but this can be adapted for a faculty member’s individual citation preferences.

Avoiding Plagiarism (conducted by Dora Rowe)
Discusses what constitutes intellectual property and plagiarism, as well as discussing the difference between quotation, paraphrasing, and summary.

Using Zotero (conducted by Dora Rowe)
Using automation tools makes creating footnotes and bibliographies much easier. Zotero gathers metadate from websites to craft citations, making it invaluable in organizing information during the search process, and again when providing attribution within a finished project.

Scholarship as a Conversation

Publishing and Peer Review Basics (conducted by Robin McCall)
Explores pathways for publishing articles or books, and explains the purpose and process of peer review in scholarly publication.

Research Within Graduate Education Beyond the M.Div (conducted by Robin McCall)
Provides an overview of the scope and range of research and writing required in D.Min, Th.M., and Ph.D. programs.

How to Read a Research Article (conducted by Dora Rowe)
A primer discussion on how to get quick information as well as the best ways to close read text.